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The Kajang Bus & Taxi Terminal

  1. The Buses & Taxis Terminal station
  2. Is planned and designated by Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj)under Draft Rancangan Tempatan.

      Purpose to have the Bus/Taxis terminal in Jalan Reko,Kajang, purpose to serve the residents in Hulu Langat district includes Kajang, Bangi, Semenyih, Berangan, Broga, Jln Hulu Langat, Cheras-south, Cheras-Balakong.

      Bus routes includes passage to and fro the whole peninsula Malaysia.

      All major bus companies have confirmed their counters & Lane in the terminal.


    1. The Shopping/office Complex under one roof
    2. What business venture is suitable to start here ?
    1. Any business as long as it is not targeted for high-end customers/users.

    eg. Foodstalls, fruits, sundry, computers/electronics, vcds, books, stationery,

    professional learning & tuitions, clinics, musics, cybercafe, restaurants,

    ticketing & travel agency, bus & taxi related businesses, and any business

    services which required convenience of a mass transit center.

    1. What are the possible number of passer-by crowds per day ?
    1. Calculation :
    2. Numbers obtained from Express buses :

      1. buses x 18 hours x 2 trips/hour x 40 passengers = 51,840 persons

    From the stage (local) buses :

    12 buses x 18 hours x 6 trips/hour x 20 passengers = 25,920 persons


    Average numbers a day : 77,760 persons


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